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Who We Are – Strong Advice

Who We Are

We are a consulting company that gives every organization the freedom to choose the best decision. For corporate decisions, we provide well-researched data, objective assessments, and strong advice. For personal decisions, we provide customized assessments, coaching, and self-development plans. In our one-on-one coaching, we help our clients have a clear direction, be self-aware, and have an integrated life. Our primary focus is on leaders in the Middle East and the vital work they do.

We strive to answer strategic human resource issues; providing tailored solutions that are culturally intelligent, practical, and globally effective. Strong Advice draws from the pool of Mike Strong’s (director and Founder) extensive experience in Leadership and Management within the Middle East. He has assembled a team of experienced consultants to join in the purpose of strengthening leaders and their organizations. Strong Advice also collaborates with other professional experts in their fields; all of whom have proven skills in implementing the best practices of companies in the global space.

Our Vision

Strong Advice will be the transforming agent in the organizations that seek our advice. We will stress improved leadership as the strategic factor in improving the organization. We will work alongside leaders to advise them as they make the decisions that will improve processes, empower workers and develop themselves and others for the benefit of the whole organization..

Our MissionEnsuring organizational success through improving its leadership

Effective leadership is at the core of the success of any organization. If the leaders are intentionally growing and developing, the people in the organization will follow their example. A learning organization is developed when leaders are learning.

Our ValuesStrong Advice lives the following set of values which guide the behavior of staff in all parts of our company. There are also the values we encourage our clients to develop and refine throughout their engagement with Strong Advice.

We respect the various cultures of the communities that reside within the Middle East
Through collaboration with experts in their fields and research, we are fully committed to providing high quality services that fit client needs
We value people and their great potential for contributing to their organizations or teams.