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What We do

At Strong Advice,we are committed to Building & Developing Leaders for the best interest of our clients. Below are some areas we focus our services:

Our Training WorkshopsEquipping your leaders for excellence

We do not give workshops for the sake of a requirement in a job description! Workshops are tools to educate and motivate leaders or other influential parties. They are provided to help the organization reach the desired goal that they have chosen. Typical topics that may be needed are:

  • Leadership Effectiveness Workshop.
  • Time & Personal Effectiveness Workshop.
  • Personal & Team Excellence Workshop.
  • Stress Management and Support Workshop.

How we do this

Strong Advice would provide a facilitator to lead a group of learners through one of the subjects above. The sessions would be 2-3 days with opportunities for the learners to role play and interact with each other so that lessons learned can be applied. To personalize the issue for each learner, examples from their work situation would be included. For self-improvement, a pre-test or questionnaire would be taken prior to the course and reviewed during the workshop.

Online CoachingLeverage Technology for higher performance

Leadership Effectiveness/Development

Our Leadership Coaching program is designed to help discover and apply your DiSC behavior style and how that impacts your personal leadership style and strength. Your coach will assist you in more fully understanding your profile and help design your personal development journey using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders report as a starting point. During the coaching session(s), you will learn how your personal DiSC could be used to improve the quality of your engagement with people as you lead them. Read more



Personal/Professional Effectiveness

The Strong Advice’s Personal/Professional Coaching program is designed to help you increase your effectiveness at work and in every relational situation you are exposed to. It is aimed at helping you to better understand yourself and others so you can take advantage of your strengths, mitigate your personal limitations, and create a platform for others to do the same. Going through this program will equip you with competencies and frameworks to better understand your behavioral preferences and how they affect your overall effectiveness. Read more


Time Mastery/Effectiveness

Our Time Mastery/Effectiveness 1-hour online coaching program is designed to help you use your time more effectively and achieve greater results. It is a combination of an online pre-work assessment and one-on-one personal/online coaching. The program enables you to discover and analyze your current practices and use of time in 12 distinct but critical areas. Our Coaches will discuss with you the results of the on-line assessment and the analysis of your time usage profile in a virtual face-to-face setting. The goal will be to help you develop a strategy for improving your effectiveness and gain mastery of your time. Read more 


Coping & Stress Management

Strong Advice’s Coping and Stress Coaching program is designed to help participants identify stressors in their lives and design strategies to minimize or even totally eliminate them. Participants will find new ways to deal with stress – could be through a shift in attitude or a change in lifestyle. You may not be able to remove all the things that bring stress in your life, but you can gain the power to control how to react and engage a positive way. Read more


Team Effectiveness

Our team effectiveness program is designed to help discover and apply your teams’ DiSC behavior style and the impacts it has on your teams’ dynamics. Your coach will assist your team in a full understanding of their profile and help design your teams’ development journey using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders report as a starting point. During the coaching session(s), they will learn how their personal DiSC could be used to improve the quality of their engagement with their team members.

Leadership CoachingConnecting organizational success with effective leadership

We are honored to work with individuals who are willing to receive objective and helpful feedback from the coach. Leaders who accept their strengths and their development opportunities become vital partners in making positive transformation in the organization.

Do you want a personal coach?

Strong Advice can provide a personal coach to assist you in your own development. Our experienced personnel can meet with you to develop a plan for your growth or work together with you on an issue you have at your workplace.

1 on 1 Coaching

Strong Advice’s 1 on 1 Coaching program is designed to explore with you where you want to go. We want to help you experience the adventures you’ve always dreamt of. We will help you create a vision that will fuel your passion and help find the best direction for learning to ride as it relates to your life and your future hopes and dreams.

How we do this

We have the privilege to develop a positive relationship with the mentee by learning about his personality, skills, competencies, and experience. This is usually discovered through behavioral interviews, personality assessments, or other diagnostic methods relevant to his job role. The coach also would discuss current issues at work and ask leading questions to guide him to decide on a new course of action. Our promise is,

  1. To help you develop a clear direction
  2. To help you be more self aware
  3. To help you have an Integrated Life

Management ConsultingOffering your organization the needed health check

We assist clients in determining the current operational status of their organization. We establish together the desired outcomes for the business unit and propose methods of change. Potential obstacles and resistance are identified so that plans can be made to overcome them.

How we do this

At Strong Advice, we start with fact-finding interviews with both management and employees at various levels. A confidential questionnaire may be required to receive comprehensive input. Following analysis of the data and collaboration with experts on the subject being reviewed, a tailored approach to the issue will be presented. We then recommend a methodology for the client to review and decide upon his approach. If requested, Strong Advice could assist with implementation. After implementation, a questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of the changes would be issued.

Assessment and SelectionEnsuring the best candidate is hired for the job

The process of hiring an employee also has a high percentage of uncertainty for an organization. Typical hiring processes have mixed results in the quality of the individual performance following job hire. Using pre-determined selection criteria a process is developed to select the most qualified candidates.

How we do this

Strong Advice collaborate with employee selection experts to develop a customized screening process. The first step would be a customized application for the job position being offered. Only the top candidates would remain for a customized interview to screen candidates even further. The final candidates would be given a specific test to evaluate their competency in the job they would hold. If engineering, some engineering design questions would be developed. If a technical job, a more hands-on test would be designed. The last step often is to let the top choice visit the work site to ensure expectations of the job and the environment at the workplace is suitable.

Choosing the best available talent for new positions radically impacts the whole organization!

Presentation SkillsEquipping you with the tools necessary to be a complete business leader

Presentation whether spoken or written, is an inherent aspect of today’s workplace, and in order to succeed professionally, presentation skills are necessary. Skills are essential for a variety of business purposes- from presenting a sales pitch to drafting a written business proposal or even a professional email to a business client. How you present yourself or your company whether orally or written, has the power to make or break the chance of tapping an opportunity that could earn your business millions.

For leaders in particular, presentations skills help you manage your team in an effective and efficient manner. Having presentation skills enhances your ability to communicate with and influence your team to get the deal sealed or the work completed successfully.


Strong advice provides training courses to equip you and your team with the skills necessary to be a complete business professional. Courses are lead and taught by our lead trainer Dennis Cox, who has 38 years of experience working in international business & industrial companies. We offer courses that cater to the needs of individuals as well as cater to the needs of large business teams.

This is a ‘Brief Course Description’ of our most popular courses with local clients in Saudi Arabia and the region: strong-course-offerings-aug16-doc

For more information on what Strong Advice could possibly offer you, contact us!