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Balance is vital to the life of a leader.  Why? The leader is more than just the person that others see when they are in front of others, or who they are when they are at work. So, who are you?  Humans are complicated beings.  We are emotional, spiritual, and physical beings.  Zig Ziglar writes, “Perhaps one of the most important qualities a man or woman can possess is balance.  That simply means that one doesn’t go off the deep end.  …….  To get off in one area or another, I think, is a mistake and will lead to trouble.”  Effective leaders will have balance in their life.  The balance scoreboard wheel of life is a matrix tool to help make sure you are living a balanced life.  Leaders will naturally be strong in some areas and will need improvement in other areas.  

Have you checked out the balanced scoreboard?  It is a good idea to have someone work you through each area so that you understand where your time and energy is going. 

    By Bryan Webster
    Staff at Strong Advice  
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