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Goals for 2021 – How are they going?

Are you frustrated that your goals for 2021 seem to be stalled? Business leaders can not afford stalled goals. Don’t worry you are not alone. There is good news you can still accomplish your goals!”

This time every year most people have become frustrated and thrown their goals out the proverbial window.  Goals that took time and energy to create.   So, what can be done about it?  I am Bryan, a leadership coach at Strong Advice. Below, are 4 possible reasons for your frustration with your goals.

  1. Smarter
  2. Tracked
  3. Celebrate
  4. Accountability

SMARTER – were the goals written in a way that makes them easy to execute?   Many times goals are just not written effectively.  SMARTER goals are essential for progress toward goals that need to happen for effective leadership. 

Action step – Take one goal and apply the SMARTER process to gain clarity to attain your goal.

Tracked – Many times a leader does not have a plan on tracking progress of the goals.

Action step – Break down the goal into clear executable steps.  Then create a tracking system.  Remember, “there is an app for that.”  I personally like Trello.

Celebrate – Most leaders do not celebrate the progress made on their goals.  Celebrating is vital!

Action Step – The 15 minutes once a week (or once a day) to acknowledge gains made in your goals. This habit will cause positive change.

Accountability – Goals are not attached to some form of specific accountability.  Yes, the bottom line is good accountability, yet many times it still does not help. You need someone to walk alongside you.

Action Step – Decide that you will give 25 dollars to a friend if you don’t complete the steps of the goal.  

Whatever the reason, not progressing in your goals is frustrating.  Work with a SA leadership coach that will come alongside and help make those goals a reality.

Comment below on which one you struggle with the most.

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    By Bryan Webster
    Staff at Strong Advice  
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