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Coping and Stress Management Online Coaching

Exploring how to reduce stress by increasing your level of satisfaction in your personal and work life.

Is stress an inevitable part of your life? Do you regularly encounter situations that agitate or frustrate you? Do you wish and hope for that magical day when everything in your life falls into place? Although such a day will never come, Strong Advice’s Online Coaching program can help you cope more effectively with stress.

Our Coaching Program

Strong Advice’s Coping and Stress Coaching program is designed to help participants identify stressors in their lives and design strategies to minimize or even totally eliminate them. Participants will find new ways to deal with stress – could be through a shift in attitude or a change in life style. You may not be able to remove all the things that bring stress in your life, but you can gain the power to control how to react and engage a positive way.

Your coach will use the result of your response to the survey to help you leverage your Coping resources for stressing reduction and increase your personal and work life satisfaction. Because of the differences in different people’s perspective and interpretation of different stressful situations, our coaches will focus on helping you to personally identify your stress level and how the coping resources at your disposal will help to increase your satisfaction. We’ll provide you with a Coping & Stress profile which will be a reflection of your preferences and approach to handling stress in your life.

Coaching Framework

To increase value to you, the coach will use Wiley’s Coping & Stress developing framework – a framework that uses your response to an online pre-work assessment to analyse how the coping resources that are available to you could be applied to reduce your stress level and increase the level of your satisfaction with your personal and work life. During the session(s), the coach will combine discussion of results, individual planning activities, to create value for you. Our main focus in helping you handle stress (Personal and Work) will be on how to better apply the coping resources you have.

The Benefits

By the end of the session(s), your Strong Advice Coach will help you to:

  • Understand the stressors in your life
  • Discover the relationship coping resources at your disposal and how to use them – flexibility, closeness, communication, and problem, solving
  • Analyze the level of satisfaction in your personal and work life and how well you can use your coping resource to increase satisfaction and or reduce stress
  • Design an action-plan for making changes in your life that reduces stress and stressors in your life
  • Use coping resources to keep stress from taking over your life

How it will work

After purchasing this Coping & Stress Management online coaching program, one of our customer service team members will contact you to streamline the following:

  • Sending you an online Coping & Stress Profile® assessment pre-work
  • Scheduling a suitable online coaching session with one of our senior coaches

What do you get?

You will receive a highly personalized 22-page report that will include specific stressors in your life, your coping resources in those areas, and your personal satisfaction level in your work and life. You also get a facilitated walkthrough and feedback on how different areas of strength and need for improvement. Our coach will also use strong visually illustrated key messages, context specific-feedback, tips and strategies for increasing your satisfaction in work and life with a minimum of a one (1) hour coaching session.

Pay only $228 USD in return for a roadmap to better cope with stress! (Special Offer)

Additional coaching hours by our experienced coaches can be purchased for $150 USD per hour.