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Coping with Stress & Time Management Workshop

Cope with Stress, Gain Mastery of Time!

Is stress an inevitable part of your life? Do you regularly encounter situations that agitate or frustrate you? Do you wish and hope for that magical day when everything in your life falls into place? Or for extra hours in your day? Although such a day will never come, this our program is designed to help you cope daily.

Strong Advice’s Coping with Stress program is designed to help participants identify stressors (like time management dilemma) in their lives and design strategies to minimize or even eliminate them. Participants will find new ways to deal with stress make better use of their time.

  • Identify stressors and time wasters in your personal & work life!
  • Leverage coping resources for increased personal and work satisfaction!
  • Craft strategies for time mastery at work & other personal situations!
  • Become more effective, less stressed & happier with life!

How Do You Achieve These Benefits?

The workshop facilitator will combine two effectiveness tools – Wiley’s Coping & Stress and Time Mastery during this workshop. This is to ensure that participants are not only able to analyze their time management skill gap, but also pinpoint specific areas of improvement. In addition, it ensures that that participants are able to identify all the coping resources that are available to help them reduce and/or eliminate stressor in their work and personal lives.

What Do You Get?

  • Time Mastery Profiles – through an online questionnaire
  • A full day of sharing and engagement with other like-minded professionals

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Date: TBD

Time: 9:00 to 17:00 daily

Venue: To be informed on registration.

Price: $625 USD (contact us for available NGO discounts)


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Your Facilitator

MikeMike Strong

 is a certified trainer with Wiley (formerly Inscape), which pioneered the original DiSC® learning instrument over three decades ago. Mike’s passion for leadership development grew from his experience as the director of an assessment center. More than 3,000 participants were helped at the center.