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Leadership Effectiveness/Development Online Coaching – Strong Advice

Leadership Effectiveness/Development Online Coaching

Helping you lead well when leadership has no easy answers!

Every person is a leader in some area of life. This could be a formal or informal leadership situation. The choice however, is not whether you will lead or not, but how you will lead. What leadership practices come to you naturally and what are the difficult leadership challenges you will face to be an effective leader?  How will you bridge the gap between a leader’s vision and team performance? All these questions and more will be explored during your 1-hour coaching program.

Our Coaching Solution

Our Coaching program is designed to help discover and apply your DiSC behaviour style and how that impacts your personal leadership style and strength. Your coach will assist you in more fully understanding your profile and help design your personal development journey using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders report as a starting point. During the coaching session(s), you will learn how your personal DiSC could be used to improve the quality of your engagement with people as you lead them. Strong Advice Coaches will help you also to apply this framework to your specific work and other relational groups. As you follow through on the development plan, you will increase your confidence to lead more strategically and effectively.

Coaching Framework

Strong Advice Coaches will use Wiley’s Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – leadership-specific framework that provides in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help you become a more effective Leader. It will include a pre-work online assessment, a personalised report based on your assessment result, and other learning activities. This easy-to-apply self-assessment tool will be used to discuss how you can improve the quality of your work as a leader as well as the goals and objectives you pursue.

The Benefits

By the end of the session(s), you will know how to increase efficiency in crafting Vision, creating Alignment of the people and the vision, and championing Execution of the strategic vision and goals.

How it will work

After purchasing this Leadership Effectiveness/Development online coaching solution, one of our customer service team members will contact you to streamline the following:

  • Sending you an online Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile® assessment pre-work
  • Scheduling a suitable online coaching session with one of our senior coaches

What do you get?

You will receive a highly personalized 23-page report, 18 behavioural continua, strong visually illustrated key messages, context specific-feedback, tips and strategies for improving your leadership effectiveness and a minimum of a one (1) hour coaching session.

Pay only $278 USD in return for a roadmap to increase your leadership effectiveness! (Special Offer)

Additional coaching hours by our experienced coaches can be purchased for $150 USD per hour.
For more information contact us!