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The last two posts on leading strategically in a puzzling business world have helped us understand the role of leadership in setting the direction of the organization in light of the varying factors in the business world. We highlighted the practical ways of uniting employee commitment by designing a well-crafted leadership development strategy. 

In this concluding post of the series, our aim is to point your attention to possible complications and barriers that may ensue when the leadership moves from strategic intent to operational action.

Below are some challenges you are likely to face when implementing a strategic vision

  1. A major challenge is an unclear vision. Ensure employees embrace the vision wholeheartedly. This means that employees are on board with strategic intent. This is particularly relevant when strategic action requires a top-down implementation. 
  2. Poor communication bars effective strategy execution. Ensure proper communication from the leadership team at every level of the organization. The objectives and aims of the strategic intent should state clearly the implementation process.
  3. A poor attitude displayed by the leadership team towards the strategic implementation shapes the rest of the organization’s culture about the strategy proposed.

Possible Solutions

  1. In the implementation of a strategy, it is advisable to provide support for all employees. This helps them gradually and systematically migrate from their current ways of doing things to the new way of doing things. 
  2. A great way to help entire organizations implement a strategy is by enabling open communication within the organization. So as to get good early feedback during the implementation and to iterate the implementation process accordingly. 
  3. Your organization should embrace a tolerance towards failure and should incorporate holistic organizational learning. 
By Leke Abaniwonda 
Staff at Strong Advice 😊 

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