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Online Coaching – Strong Advice

Online Coaching

Goals for 2021 – How are they going?

Are you frustrated that your goals for 2021 seem to be stalled? Business leaders can not afford stalled goals. Don’t worry you are not alone. There is good news you can still accomplish your goals!” This time every year most people have become frustrated and thrown their goals out the proverbial window.  Goals that took

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INC.com put out an article “4 Major Pandemic Challenges Facing Leaders and how to solve them.”   Uncertainty made the list.  Uncertainty impacts every area.  Rash decisions are made.  Behavior becomes intense. Moreover isolation sets in.  In today’s economic climates around the world, leaders have reason to be uncertain.  A good leadership coach can help you

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Balance is vital to the life of a leader.  Why? The leader is more than just the person that others see when they are in front of others, or who they are when they are at work. So, who are you?  Humans are complicated beings.  We are emotional, spiritual, and physical beings.  Zig Ziglar writes,

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Clarity and Balance

Leading anything is a hard task, and also a very rewarding one.  Effective Leaders need to see their whole self, the whole leader, and not just the work self.  Effective leaders need to have clarity and balance.  Clarity happens when the leader is clear on purpose, vision, mission, and values.  Balance happens when leaders take

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The Coaching Content Spectrum

The concept of coaching is an age-old form used to help people get to where they need to. All cultures to some extent use, but some more than others. In the business world, the term coaching is becoming increasingly the new buzz term. And there are 4 basic ideas of what people call coaching. The

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Coaching and the Leader

I want to take a moment and mention the need for coaching in a leader’s life.  There are many different uses of the word coaching.  It sometimes appears to be the new name they put for giving advice. Just use a new word to do the same thing.  According to the ICF, coaching is defined

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How to Design a Successful Leadership Development Program

Sep 03, 2020, 5.10pm UTC (+4)  6 mins Read  Harvard Business Review released an article by Jennifer Perry, Foster Mobley and Matt Brubaker on “Most Doctors Have Little or No Management Training, and That’s a Problem” (December 15th, 2017). The main thrust of the article was to emphasize every hospital’s need for uniquely qualified medical professionals who exhibit high leadership qualities during the dispensation of their regular medical duties. The

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