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Leadership Development – Strong Advice

Work-life Balance: Clarity and Balance are important to have a successful life. Featured

There is a whirlwind of activity in the UAE after the government decided to go to a 4.5 day work week. There has been a lot of excitement as one would expect. However, there are so many questions as to how this will affect the lives of people. So I wanted to take some time and make some general statements about clarity and balance in the life of a leader.


When one talks about work-life balance, it is necessary to start the conversation by getting clarity on where the leader wants to go. There needs to be a conversation about vision, mission and purpose. One of the most unsettling things is that people don’t know where they want to be in the future or the future is so vague. The result is that they end up working more because it is easier, even though they are causing havoc in the rest of their lives. One way to get clarity is to think about what would be said of you when you are 80 years and are attending a “Celebration of Life” where your accomplishments are noted and celebrated. What do you want to be said? Once that is clear, start reverse engineering it into goals and vital habits.

One question frequently asked is, what areas do I need to have clarity it? There is no shortage of opinions on the subject. However, my opinion is that you need to have clarity around the Big 3, Work, **Relationships and Spirituality. All 3 of these areas have a huge impact on our every day lives and whenever the “Big 3” are unclear, it affects every part of the leader.


Once clarity has been established for the big areas of life, one needs to have balance in 7 areas. The seven areas are Health, Family, Social, Growth, Finances, Spiritual and Work. These areas are vital to helping the leader stay focused and be able to work more effectively. For example, in the area of exercise, we know the benefits to the body, but is also reduces stress and helps one to sleep better and if done with family, relationships can grow stronger. Another example, if a leader has no plan to grow in their personal development plan now, when challenges arrive in the future they will not be able to meet these new challenges effectively.

When the word “balanced” is used one generally thinks evenly distributed. This is not the case and often not possible in the life of the leader. (Now you can breathe a sigh of relief!) We work at least 40 hours a week (however, for some, it is more like 60 hours a week). It is mathematically impossible to spend 40 hours a week in each of the 7 areas. The idea of balance is that each area has its own goal and plan. Obviously, there are some areas the leader will not be good at and might even strongly dislike. An example could be if someone does not like to be social, yet makes a choice to do something with friends once a month.

Many leaders say “I do not have time” to have a balanced life. However, what types of things can blindside you because you do not see it coming? Those are the leaders that will wake up one day and realize that they are estranged from their family, have major health issues, not sure the direction of their company or they don’t have time for their friends because of their job. These are the type results that an unbalanced life can lead to. Get the help of a leadership coach to get you on the road to a balanced life.

Next Steps

Get the help of Strong Advice leadership coach to get the clarity and balance needed in life. Leave a comment and email at bryan@strongadvice.ae to setup an inquiry call.

** the key relationship is the husband/wife. If you are not married, you will need 2 to 3 people that you are close to that can help in this area.

Link to news article: https://gulfnews.com/opinion/editorials/uaes-new-weekend-an-innovative-way-to-design-a-work-life-balance-1.84230312

The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Improve your effectiveness in understanding your boss, relating to your colleagues, and have a greater influence on your direct reports. Be confident in your role as leader and learn practical tips based on your DiSC self-assessment leadership profile.

Leadership principles made simple: Vision, Alignment, and Implementation.

Join our The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop and learning how to increase your leadership effectiveness. This workshop will enable you to:
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Better handle areas of challenges in your leadership
  • Trigger better responses in communication
  • Building effective relationships and
  • Crafting a clear pathway of action for yourself and your team
Our workshop is specifically designed to help you unpack your DiSC behavioral style and its impact on your personal leadership style and strength. It will assist you to design your personal development journey using the Everything DiSC Leaders report. During the workshop, you will learn how your personal DiSC could be used to improve the quality of your engagement with people as you lead them.
While providing you with quality skills, this workshop will also achieve the following goals and objectives:
  • Provide you a highly personalized leadership assessment report
  • A 18 behavioral continua
  • Strong visuals illustrate key messages
  • Context-specific feedback
  • Tips and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness
  • Access to unlimited Comparison Reports

Other Benefits

  • One-Everything DiSC® Leader Profile – through an online questionnaire
  • A full day of sharing and engagement with other like-minded professionals.

Register Here

Date: April 13, 2019

Time: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

Venue: Dubai, UAE

Price: $395 USD (contact us for available NGO discounts)

Contact: info@strongadvice.ae

Register Here

Your Facilitator

MikeMike Strong

 is a certified trainer with Wiley (formerly Inscape), which pioneered the original DiSC® learning instrument over three decades ago. Mike’s passion for leadership development grew from his experience as the director of an assessment center. More than 3,000 participants were helped at the center.

5 Reasons to invest time and money in Strong Advice’s Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Ensuring that your L & D investment pays off.

Recently one of our business contacts asked us to help him write a letter to his company management. He wanted to attend the workshop on leadership effectiveness, but needed to give reasons for investing the time and money. At Strong Advice we know your time and money is valuable. If you are considering attending but need reasons to convince your management or convince yourself, these 5 reasons may be helpful to you.

1. Leadership talent is in high demand.

If you learn to lead well, you will be given the opportunity to lead. Research has highlighted leadership as the most important determinant factor of the success or failure of any organized institution. Be it at home, work or a nation, leadership, or rather good leadership, fosters

peace, progress, growth and prosperity. Leadership is very important and always needed for any initiative. So there is always the question: “who should be the leader?” According to Henry Ford – “The question, ‘Who ought to be boss?’ is like asking, ‘Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?’ Obviously, the man who can sing tenor.”

Although we are all called to lead in one form or the other, our ability to lead well determines how often people are willing to call upon us to lead them. Leading well implies getting real results. But leading well is not easy, it is a skill you need to cultivate and nurture.

That is where the Leadership Effectiveness Workshop becomes so valuable. It provides you with a simple-to-understand, but compelling process to help you lead well. It highlights the competencies required, matched up with your personality style. Then you are able to develop the framework needed to be successful in leadership for the 21st Century. Our aim is to make our wealth of leadership insights available and accessible to anyone who wants to get better results as a leader.

2. If you know how to lead yourself well, you have higher chances of doing the same with others.

Self-awareness and self-discipline is the key to effective leadership. If you know yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, and understand your role and what it takes, you will do a much better job leading than someone else who is doing what comes naturally. Our DiSC empowered leadership effectiveness uses a combination of personalized assessment and facilitated activities that will help you to discover or rediscover how well you are equipped to lead. This program will improve your self-awareness in key areas for developing yourself as a leader.

During our workshop, we’ll use the DiSC profile to help you understand how your DiSC style influences how you approach the different aspects of the process of leadership. It will tell you how your tendencies influence the amount of energy and effort you require to be effective in any specific leadership situation.

3. Leaders are learners, and great leaders – great learners.

This may sound like a cliché but it is true. Leadership is the most difficult role anyone could ever be called to serve. Leadership has no easy answers and gets more complex every day! Globalization and the multiple generations of workers are two of the many issues facing leaders today.

If you are going to lead people, it is vital that you continue to learn: a) what motivates and inspires those you are called to lead b) practical ways to interact with various personalities c) what it takes to lead yourself as well as others. There really is no end to learning, as you develop more experience, reflect on lessons learned and develop plans for improvement.  A workshop requires   –the whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. And leading people requires learning not just how to lead yourself but also how to lead your followers.

Our Leadership Effectiveness Workshop is powered by one of the most powerful and practical tools for learning and for understanding yourself and other people – their priorities and behavioral preferences. If equipped with these tools, you will be well on your way to leading effectively.

4. Effective Leadership is a community project.

No one leads effectively on his or her own. Every seasoned leader in any leadership situation which could be similar to yours has a wealth of wisdom packed in their head, but part of such wisdom is recognizing the invaluable nature of multiple perspectives to their vision. They have learned that people’s opinions and reactions to their ideas could be a litmus test to what’s in store as they apply effort towards bringing their vision to life. That is why our workshop could benefit you beyond the course material. You will have a chance to sit and reason with like-minded people who we are sure will be delighted to offer free insights into your idea.

While we recognize that leadership requires being bold to make decisions and stick by them, we have also learned that boldness also requires the courage to acknowledge that we do not know it all and that other people may just have a different perspective that we could be blind to.

At our workshop, we’ll give you an opportunity to network and meet other people that are doing similar things as you do but in a different contexts. Insights gained from situations like this could be highly valuable to your leadership career. You will also benefit from the wealth of experience of the participants and facilitator as everyone shares his or her expertise in the subject matter.

5.It’s a lot of fun at the Strong Advice Leadership Effectiveness Workshop. We love it when people are excited and having fun. Remember that work could be more fun than fun and learning at work takes fun to a whole new level. We’ve learned to have fun because we know that people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Our workshop is designed to ensure that your time of learning and self-discovery is a delightful process. We always ensure that participants in our workshops experienced those aha moments when the lightbulb or new ideas spark up in their heads. We know that learning is fun and getting result is even more fun. So we have mastered the act of helping you learn new and better ways of getting things done. Apart from this, what could be more fun than to finally have fun while working and learning at the same time? This is the experience we create for you and one you can’t afford to miss.

For more information, please contact us on info@strongadvice.ae or visit our website to learn more about our upcoming leadership effectiveness workshop here!

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