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The Coaching Content Spectrum

The concept of coaching is an age-old form used to help people get to where they need to. All cultures to some extent use, but some more than others. In the business world, the term coaching is becoming increasingly the new buzz term. And there are 4 basic ideas of what people call coaching. The CAM’s Coaching Content Spectrum’s 4 parts are:

  1. Free Range
  2. Familiarity
  3. Framework
  4. Formula
  1. Free Range – The coach doesn’t bring any subject expertise. They use the coaching skills they are trained with. The client/coachee is responsible for content. Most coaches who have been trained can easily coach in their area. The coach would ask a question like, “What do you need coaching around?” Can coach anyone. This is what I call pure coaching.
  2. Familiarity – The coach brings subject expertise and usually coaches people who are interested in the same area. An example would be, a former basketball player coaching other players on the subject of basketball. The client/coachee still has to drive the info discussed.
  3. Framework – Works toward a certain outcome. The coach has a process that supports the goal of the client/coachee. The coach has the expertise and well as the process. The client/coachee adds their ideas to the process. An example would be a writing coach. The coach gives them a process and the writer fills in the content. Much of the coaching is done this way.
  4. Formula – The content is very narrow and focused to get one to a desired in. An example would be a franchise. The franchiser tells the franchise exactly what to do.

All 4 types are useful and have there place in the coaching world.

What area do you need coaching in? Strong Advice offers coaching in all four areas.


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